Thursday, March 10, 2011

Want to buy salon quality hair care at the supermarket?

Erm...yes...and now you can with Pantene and Wella combining forces to redefine the art of haircare with their new Clinicare range! More powerful than a bowl of All Bran topped with prunes, Clinicare repairs and revitalises to restore shine, smoothness and moisture levels.

During a recent trip to my hairdresser du jour, Barney Martin my hair was given a Clinicare treatment boost, and an absolutely thrilling head massage I might add. Here is a picture of afters...

Hair is smooth and behaving itself with some lovely bouncy curls.

Here is my hair before...

Ahh.. the lady mullet. The eighties - a decade that has given us so much.

Not to mention the damage that all that colouring, backcombing and frizzing is doing to mullet-lady. Here's what the experts say about Clinicare: Tony Pearce, Pantene Specialist Trichologist says “Like skin, the health and quality of hair changes over time. This may be due to a combination of life’s everyday stresses as well as our body’s individual ageing process. Just like your skin, you need to use products which address the needs of ageing hair – with the Nano Technology in Pantene Clinicare you can do just this.”

So if you want hair that doesn't look as old as the eighties, try out this new range today.

Pantene Clinicare Micro-Repair Revitalising Shampoo: $14.95 / 250ml
Pantene Clinicare Micro-Repair Revitalising Conditioner: $14.99 / 250ml
Pantene Clinicare Micro-Repair Revitalising Rinse Off Treatment: $19.95 / 5 x 15mL

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