Sunday, February 20, 2011

Balayage: when you want colour but are too lazy to maintain it.

S'been a while hasn't it little blog-child. Have you moved on and shacked up with some other, more frequent blogger? I have to admit, I half expected my login denied and the words 'traitor' scrawled across the page in bright red lipstick. But, no, you want to know what I have been up to all this time, don't you? Well....the stories I can life is a hotbed of scandal.

Not biting?

Oh ok, I'll tell you about my Barney Martin Balayage and mother-daughter model moment with SHOP Girl Magazine.

There are two things that I enjoy about a visit to the hairdresser - great customer service and a hair dresser that listens to your odd little hair angst issues. Barney Martin hairdressing in Surry Hills has both of these and I was thrilled to recently receive the summer hair must-have - balayage.

Balayage is made for me - it's the lazy girls answer to highlights - lovely sun-bleached looking hair that requires zero maintenance.

Here is the day after pictures, which happily coincided with a photo shoot for SHOP Girl magazine, rah rah. I dressed my daughter, she dressed me. We braided our hair and ate chocolate brownies....No really. The  girls at STYD have found the best chocolate brownie is Sydney and they're also so loooovely words just can't describe.

Apart from my devastatingly cute little daughter, what's your thoughts on the balayage? Looks natural? During my last visit to Barney Martin's, my hairdresser, Carl has since become quite the balayage expert and we talked about a more extreme balayage scheduled for my next visit - watch out.


GlossQueen said...

Welcome back! Your hair looks amazing and your daughter is so cute :)

SpicyPinkSugar said...

Thanks GlossQueeen! missed my little blog! I'll be heading over to yours to catch up one the last couple months of reading too!